This is the personal blog of Kelly and David (also known by his high school nickname of Eco).   We moved from Toronto to a more rural Southern Ontario setting in April of 2007 looking to fulfill our dream of living in the country and being closer to family.

We both love to write and enjoy nothing better than sharing our stories, observations and opinions with our friends and families so we decided to start this blog.  We have a goal of becoming more consistent at posting in 2010…as with most everything in our lives, it is a work in progress.

What can you expect to see here?  Probably a lot about music, movies and books with some commentary and opinion pieces on current events mixed in.  We also both like computer gaming and technology so we might post about that as well.  Hopefully you will find something interesting in that mix.

Oh, and as you can tell, I’m terrible at writing “About Me/Us” blurbs – I just can’t seem to find that clever turn of phrase when it comes to this stuff.  Maybe David will have better luck but for now, this will have to do.