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I just changed the header on our blog to be more representative of the season.  I realized that the last time I posted – back on March 24th – there was still snow on the ground so the picture of our house covered in snow was appropriate.  No longer!  I’ve picked something a little more spring-like.  It’s a pic of the big tree in front of our house which overhangs our porch.  Eventually we are going to have to trim it back – but we’re putting it off for another year.


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Link Love

by Kelly

As usual, I haven’t had a lot of time to write – well, I’ve written lots but haven’t had a lot of time to make it the least bit cohesive and legible for posting here.  Also as usual however, I have a ton of tabs open and bookmarked pages that have made this week’s reading list.  I thought if they interest me, they might interest someone else out there too so here goes.

  • Note to self:  speaking to a reporter from Rolling Stone Magazine might – just might mind you – result in your words being published.  Oh, and mocking your boss publicly is a bad idea…McChrystal Prepared to Resign
  • Although I get a lot of my news via Twitter, I was uncomfortable when the Attorney General of Utah tweeted that he had given the go ahead to execute a convicted murderer.  You can read the whole story here.
  • I’m a big fan of Malcolm Gladwell and always enjoy his blog.  You can read about his greatest triumph(his words)  here.
  • I vaguely recognized the name Ray Kurzweil when I spotted it as I was browsing through headlines on myalltop.  This is a really interesting article in the New York Times about righting e-reader wrongs…Mr. Kurzweil is a fascinating personality in the tech world.
  • The thought of any politician – even one that I admire as much as President Obama – having an internet kill switch makes me nervous.  The fact that it has been sponsored by the Chairman of the Homeland Security committee does nothing to ease my mind.

Those are some of the things that caught my attention.  Oh, and did you read about the earthquake in Ontario today?

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So quiet…

by Kelly

Yes, it’s been very quiet here at Dogtown Blogs.  I started a new job this week and my schedule has been a little crazy.  Things should settle down soon however and I can get back to posting here – I’ve missed it and feel completely out of the loop this week.

We did manage to pick up tickets to Florence & The Machine who are playing at the Phoenix in Toronto on April 10th.  We also purchased my tickets to David Gray who is playing Centre in the Square in Kitchener on May 25th.  Florence is a relatively new find for me whereas I have been a David Gray fan for a long time – I’m looking forward to seeing both!

Other things on my mind that I haven’t had any time to write about include the Oscar nominations, the Olympics and the big trade the Leafs made bringing Dion Phanuf to Toronto.  Sadly Brian Burke, GM of the Leafs, is in the news for a different reason today – his youngest son Brendan died in a car accident yesterday.  Very, very sad.

Oh, and one of my new music finds, The Candle Thieves tweeted me to thank me for the blog post – they are not only talented but apparently very gracious as well. 

I’m still catching up so that’s all the link-love for today.

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2009 Mashups

by Kelly

This might be the last of the “best of 2009” posts…or it might not.  It’s been fun looking back over the year!

The first video is DJ Earworm’s mashup of the Top 25 Billboard Hits from 2009.  I first saw this via Toronto Mike’s post last year of the 2008 mashup.  Can you name all the tunes from the 2009 mashup?  I’ll put the list after the video.

  1. The Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow
  2. Lady Gaga – Poker Face
  3. Lady Gaga Featuring Colby O’Donis – Just Dance
  4. The Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling
  5. Taylor Swift – Love Story
  6. Flo Rida – Right Round
  7. Jason Mraz – I’m Yours
  8. Beyonce – Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
  9. Kanye West – Heartless
  10. The All-American Rejects – Gives You Hell
  11. Taylor Swift – You Belong With Me
  12. T.I. Featuring Justin Timberlake – Dead And Gone
  13. The Fray – You Found Me
  14. Kings Of Leon – Use Somebody
  15. Keri Hilson Featuring Kanye West & Ne-Yo – Knock You Down
  16. Jamie Foxx Featuring T-Pain – Blame It
  17. Pitbull – I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)
  18. T.I. Featuring Rihanna – Live Your Life
  19. Soulja Boy Tell ‘em Featuring Sammie – Kiss Me Thru The Phone
  20. Jay Sean Featuring Lil Wayne – Down
  21. Miley Cyrus – The Climb
  22. Drake – Best I Ever Had
  23. Kelly Clarkson – My Life Would Suck Without You
  24. Beyonce – Halo
  25. Katy Perry – Hot N Cold

The second is by those fun people at JibJab.  I first saw their site last year when our friends “Elf’d” themselves…it tickled me.  I can’t seem to embed the video but here’s the link.

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Still loving “best of” lists…

Macleans has posted an alphabetical list of 50 things that changed our lives this past decade here:

Ironic that I’m blogging about a list that includes blogging as one of the significant things that changed our lives this past decade.

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My complaint about “best of” lists was premature…

by Kelly

So apparently I jumped the gun complaining about the lack of “best of” lists from the Noughties.  Now the lists are coming out fast and furious – both of the decade-ending and the traditional year-in-review types. 

Here is one I stumbled across at  titled “Top 10 Buzzwords” for 2009:

1. Sexting

2. Public Option

3. Autotune

4. Wise Latina

5. Death Panel

6. Birther

7. Opposite Marriage

8. Summer of Death

9. Beer Summit

10. Green Shoots

Although familiar with most (I stress the word most only because I was not aware that President Obama had been accused of being a birther – and yes, I can almost write that with a straight face…almost) of the news stories associated with these words, I didn’t realise that they had been turned into “buzzwords”.  For those of you equally uninformed, I’ve linked to the meaning of each as defined/explained by Time.

And no, I don’t know why I am so fascinated with “best of” lists…I just am.

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An end to The Noughties

by Kelly

It is amazing to me that another decade is ending in 24 days.  As horrified as I am to admit it, I have seen the end of five decades.  Granted, I was only 5 years old when the 60’s ended but still, I was there.  Now, half way through my life, I will welcome in my sixth decade thinking of my neices and nephews who are saying goodbye to their first.

It seems like a moment that should be marked, not just for me personally but in general.  It is the end of a decade and yet, I haven’t seen many “best of the decade” type lists.  Was there nothing in the last 10 years that rates being on a “best of” list?  Maybe there are just a rash of “worst of” lists?  Or, in these days of having access to so much of everything, can we simply not makeup our minds?

Well, I decided I would head out into the internets to see what I could find so here is my list of lists…the best and worst of the last decade.

Top 100 Defining Cultural Moments of The Noughties

Top 10 TV Series of the Decade

The Decade in Rewind

The 100 Best Movies of the Noughties

The Top Rated 2000’s Movies by IMDB

OMM Review of the Noughties

The Best Inventions of the Noughties

The Top 50 Video Games of the Decade

Best British Albums of the Decade

If you find any others of interest, let me know.

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