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Osheaga 2013 – Great Lineup!

Osheaga 2013


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March 11, 2013 · 7:10 pm

Where would you like to be in July this year?

I’d like to be in Kinross, Scotland.
T In The Park Lineup




February 18, 2013 · 4:03 pm

Tumblr – yes or no?

I like Tumblr.  It doesn’t replace this blog but is a nice way to reblog items of interest quickly – I also like the fact that I can actually post something to Tumblr from my phone easily.  As I get older I find I have less free time to “muck about” with technology – ease of use is a big selling point for the 48 year old me.

Unfortunately not everything I post over there appears here – although I can automatically cross-post from Dogtown Blogs here to Dogtown Blogs there, I can’t cross post from there to here.  Or at least I haven’t figured out how yet (see “muck about” point above).

Here’s something I re-blogged on Tumblr but wanted to include here as well – it makes me think of @eco1138 and @pjmixer.  There have been a few nights that @suze20TO and I were convinced they did indeed use bourbon as toothpaste.


February 16, 2013 · 9:25 pm